Money-Saving Gardening Tips
  • Tired of buying expensive and toxic weed killers?  Try pouring boiling water on weeds.  Kills weeds instantly
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  • Aphids attacking your flowers? Try spraying soapy water on them.  Bugs breathe through pores in their outer shell.  The soap blocks their pores.
  • Did you know you can change the color of your hydrangea flowers?  Pink flowers are grown in soil with a high pH level (alkaline).  Blue flowers grow in soil with a low pH level (acidic).  You can add acid or alkaline in the nearby soil to change the colors of your hydrangea flowers.  Add organic matter (such a coffee grinds, leaves, mulch, etc.) to get blue flowers.  Add a small amount of lime (used for lawns) for pink flowers.  You can even have half pink and the other half blue on the same bush.  Please note, white hydrangeas will always remain white. 
  • Did you know some plants help each other grow (symbiosis)?  For example, the azalea and the rhododendron help each other thrive.  The azalea loves acidic soil (low pH), and the rhoddy emits acids.  The rhoddy loves alkaline soil (high pH), which is emitted by the azalea                       azalea        rhododendron
  • Did you know ladybugs are very beneficial insects?  They feed on bugs that ruin our plants,vegetable gardens and flowers such as aphids, moth eggs, mites, scales and thrips.  They can be purchased live, online for less than $10.
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